Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cheap Acoustic Foam For Soundproofing, Four Types Of Acoustic Foam Tiles

If you are looking for best acoustics of your room, recording studio, or if you even just want your room to be insulated from external noises, you've found the right place.

Depending on whether you want to build a recording studio, or just want to practice an instrument, or want to insulate your room from noise, one of the four acoustic foam types will be right for you.

Smooth acoustic foam, wedge acoustic foam, egg crate foam, and a diffuse acoustic foam are the four types of accoustic foam sheets.

The Smooth Type Of Acoustic Foam

Because of the smooth surface, these acoustic foams will reflect more sound than others.

Storage and transportation of smooth acoustic foams is their strong point as they take less space per unit mass.

Egg Crate Shaped Acoustic Foam

Egg crate acoustic foam will have small four side pyramids sticking out of the main surface. These pyramids will reduce the reflection of the sound, and the reflected sound will be directed in multiple directions.

A small disadvantage of such shapes is the appearance of two, horizontal and vertical, groves, along the sides of the pyramids. Along these lines, the impinging sound wave will be quite effectively reflected.

Wedgy Acoustic Foam

Instead of pyramids, these have one-dimensional (full length) wedges sticking out of the base. This reduces the number of groves to one..

When you want the maximum absorption effect, just place the wedges perpendicular to the direction of the incoming sound waves.

Surfaces Of Acoustic Foam Sheets That Are Irregularly Shaped

Both the wedge style and the egg crate style have preferred directions which is their drawback.

An irregularly shaped acoustic foam will have no preferred direction. Its action will be less depending on what direction the sound comes from.

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