Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Rent Party Speakers Is Really Easy Today

Rent Party Speakers By Mackie
Mackie Active Powered Party Speakers
Find Out Why To Rent Party Speakers Is Really Easy Today

If you need powerful speakers for a dance party, an outdoor or indoor corporate event, a wedding, or even an outdoor movie, then you'll learn here about why it is so easy to rent party speakers today.

The quality and power of sound is one of the most important success factors in a dance party, or any event. Without powerful speakers, people won't get in the mood you need them to be to get the party going.

A superb sound, on the flip side, however, will make the event memorable and successful.

Renting party speakers has never been easier. The reason?

The reason for that is that the audio equipment has been designed to be robust and to withstand abuse well.

For party speaker rental companies, renting speakers out is a low-risk proposition thanks to the new types of speakers available.

The Reason Why? Powered Party Speakers!

The real reason for the ease of renting today is that most party speaker rentals are powered speakers.

A power speaker is a dynamic audio component that has a sound amplifier built in. Just take an output from the iPhone, a mp3 player, a CD player, or other sources into the mixer, and drive the signal directly into the power speakers. No external amplifier needed.

Impossible To Break Power Speakers

Modern powered party speakers have amplifiers built in and also employ electronics which protects the speakers from over amplification damage.

Which means that even if an over powered sound comes in from the microphone, the speaker itself will correct for it, and the speaker cones will not be damaged.

Overall, the simplicity of the sound path from the sound source, through the mixer and directly into the power speakers provides a flexible, powerful, and safe way to bring your mixes to the audience.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Acoustic Curtains For Singers And Musicians

Acoustic Curtains
Acoustic Foam
Acoustic Curtains

People most concerned with acoustic curtains are often either musicians or singers. They appreciate both the insulation from the outside noises and the flatter response of the room.

We will consider two main reasons why you, as a musician, would benefit from the acoustical curtains. We'll also provide pointers to choosing soundproof curtains both for sound attenuation and flattening.

We'll go over soundproofing with acoustical curtains and sound flattening with the soundproof curtains. For info on other types of acoustic/soundproofing curtains, see 3 types of soundproofing curtains on this blog.

Acoustical Curtains As Soundproofing Tool

A singer practicing singing in an apartment or even in a house, will likely be heard throughout the neighborhood unless he or she does something about the sound proofing.

The acoustical curtains will absorb a good portion of the sound produced by your voice or a musical instrument. This will reduce the disturbance of the neighbors. Conversely, you will hear a lower level of street and neighbor noise when practicing, which is an added bonus.

Flattening The Room Response, Removing Unwanted Echoes

You may get used to the room echoes when you are singing into the microphone or playing an instrument, and you may not consider the echoes disturbing.

You may only notice a huge difference when you enter a recording studio, or when you perform outside, in a place with no walls. Notice the difference? You will be less distracted by the echoes but you will also receive less feedback to your instrument playing or singing.

You may be shocked coming from a bare-walls room into a recording studio, and you may not perform that well. But when you have acoustical curtains in your practice room, you will be much better prepared for the studio conditions.

The acoustical curtains may look just like regular curtains, but are heavier, thicker. You can place them anywhere you want, on all four walls if that suits you. You can even keep them movable on caster wheels.

Find more tips on acoustical curtains at Acoustical Sheets. Or go for more general info here: